Fordeal Detachable Dough Maker Machine with Measuring Cup (Atta Maker)

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  • Made from Unbrekable Virgin Plastic Body. High Grade Mirror Finish Makes Them Look Quite Elegant.
  • Package contents: 1 atta maker, 3 measuring cups (Flour, water, oil), 1 handle Easy to use and clean Smooth rolling handle and easy to operate Food grade material.
  • The perfect staple in your kitchen. safe to be washed in your dishwasher
  • Good functionality: It does the job well. Time saving and perfect handle grip.
  • Best Quality Buy Authentic Product from Muac Enterprise Only

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Detachable Dough Maker Machine With Measuring Cup (Atta Maker)

Overview More Often Than Not When You Feel Like Eating Chapattis Or Rotis, The Thought Of Making The Dough Just Makes You Turn To Something Simpler To Cook. But When You Have The Able Virgin Plastic Dough Maker To Assist You, The Work Load In The Kitchen Is Brought Down A Great Deal. Smooth Operation Pour In The Right Amount Of Flour And Water, Close The Lid, And Rotate Using The Handle.


Blade For Atta Making

Measuring Cups For Atta

Measuring Cups For Water.

Measuring Cups For Edible Oil.



The conventional way of chapatti-making consumes a lot of time. But with this dough maker from DeoDap, you can churn out the dough to create the perfect chapattis/roti in a quicker manner.

Easy to Operate

This dough maker is incredibly easy to operate. The manual operation lets you exercise freedom with the speed of churning and consistency of the mixture to make the perfect heap of dough.


The virgin plastic construction of this dough-maker gives it a sturdy build, which makes it an ideal addition to any kitchen

Easy-Grip Handle

This manual dough mixer comes with an easy-to-grip handle, which makes it convenient for you to hold on to it tightly while preparing your dough.

Ideal for Domestic Use

This dough maker is ideal for domestic purposes since it is hassle-free and does not require the traditional manual labour. Save your time and keep your hands clean with this handy kitchen equipment.

Package contents:

1 Atta maker, 3 Measuring cups (Flour, water, oil), 1 handle Easy to use and clean Smooth rolling handle and easy to operate Food grade material.

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