Foedeal Wardrobe Storage Organizer - 5 in 1 Multipurpose Plastic Hanger, Assorted

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  • Ideal for family economical storage indoor wardrobe hanging,give you more convenience to hang your cloth and save space
  • Make of good quality PP plastic
  • DURABLE – Sturdy and not easy to be out of shape,Each hangers can be hanged for 5 Jeans/trousers at same time. You do not need to worry about the distortion of the pants rack, always sturdy and keep a good shape as its best quality
  • There are 5 layers for each rack. Each layers can be used to hang your jeans, pants, trousers, ties, scarf, etc. that make it compact and organized
  • Used for clothes, towel, scarf, trousers, slacks, pants, ties, shirts, blouses, sweat, pants, etc.

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5 in 1 Plastic Hanger in modern look beautiful color make of good quality pp plastic material could use a long time. Saving space, non-slip arms, keeps your trousers neat and tidy but also keeps them compact. Sturdy and not easy to be out of shape clothes stay compact, organized and wrinkle-less due to this efficient hanger. Ideal for apartment, villa, house, dorms. Make it the best of your closet helper pants, trousers, belts, ties. perfect for closet organization. 5 layers can hold pants or trousers or other tie accessories

Wardrobe Saver area – There are 5 floors for each floor, each hanging can be hanged for 5 jeans/pants, save space and in your wardrobe. You are more space for other things.

Multi-layered trousers – can hold all kinds of clothing and other raw materials such as ties, towels, scarves, jeans, belts etc.

Non-slip hosiery, hats on a hanger and no edges, cover clothing/pants from scratches and falling off.

Rugged hangers – magic hanger made of Plastic, which makes high-quality hanger pants with high hardness and intensity that can last a long time. Rack pants will not rust, always give.

Special design – Unique opening end allows you to hang and remove your pants quickly and efficiently.


1. Made of high-quality material, can take a long time.

2. Helps tidy and tidy pants, but also gives them a compact size.

3. Create more space in your closet.

4. Use one hanging instead of five. This convenient rack hanger.

5. Keep the pants neat and organized on the pillars.